working in a food related job, it became very obvious very quickly that I don’t eat the same things as everyone else. but people are generally nice about it, and when they hear about a cool vegetarian restaurant or know there are some free cookbooks that are vegan [more on that later] they always let me know. 

one day, this girl I work with, Bertha, told me that she heard about a vegetarian/vegan sandwich place close by - The Butcher’s Daughter. so we headed over for lunch. the aesthetic of the place was super cute, with lots of wood and plants everywhere. and the name is really funny - I know what its like to come from meat eaters and head in the opposite direction. The sandwiches also looked really nice and picturesque.

We got two sandwiches and split both of them. The first was The Greatful Veg - with sprouts and avocado and veggies and a cashew carrot cheese. The second, Herbed “Egg” Salad - an egg salad made of tofu. we were really excited and dug in hungrily, but both ended up disappointed. to me, they seemed like the kind of sandwiches a meat eater would make for a vegetarian, meaning it just tasted like vegetables piled on bread. as a person who hasn’t eaten meat for a long time now, I know all of the delicious non-meat possibilities a sandwich can contain, but this felt like they were at a loss of what to do without the meat. not the best. but then I looked at the ingredients for the sandwiches again, and they use things like tofu and cashews so they have to be knowledgable of whats going on. I’m not sure what to make of it. just a strange experience. we’re not gunna win over the skeptical masses like this.

Bertha said she liked the egg salad one better, and I think I liked the veggie one better. but my favorite part was the pickled veggies they gave you as a side. carrots and onions and pickles. yumm. 

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