stop number two: Portland, OR. it was around this city that Daniel started to realize how much Chicago was really lacking in vegan options. In Portland there were a million vegan option every where, it was never hard to find. We had some of the best most creative vegan things both here and in Seattle. first stop was another voodoo doughnut trip, but different flavors. this one was bigger, had more options, and always had a line out the door. I opted for a coco puff donut, not sure if it was the best. but Daniel said his oreo peanut butter one was the best. that night, we happened across a vegan bar, Sweet Hereafter, which had some of the best sandwiches we had the entire trip. maybe ever. I had a buffalo soy curl sandwich which was super great amazing incredible. soy curls were all over the northwest, but we don’t see them a lot in the midwest. something this part of the country needs to learn about. the atmosphere at the bar was really nice also. sort of upscale but relaxed. and a lot of great cocktails. I would hang out there all the time if I lived closer. another night we ate a pizza. at Sizzle Pie. they had a lot of vegan options and were open real late. it was good even though the photo isn’t. our last day in portland this bbq food truck, Homegrown Smoker, was finally open. vegan bbq. so great. and a side of mac no cheese. we got two different bbq sandwiches, one with soy curls and one with tempeh ribs. definitely a place to check out. kind of out of the way, but in a cool arts district. Portland was delicious.

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